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Another thing we took notice of was the presence of clothing vendors at concerts and events. They traveled with the bands, which allowed them to share their creativity and experience something that many fans didn't. My friend and I thought it would be cool to be one of those vendors.


Then soon, the dream was made a reality. With the goal of creating a style that would appeal to all age groups, Good Luck Charms was established. Our mission is to provide you with original and fun fashion; whether it be concert wear or everyday wear. We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy providing you with them!

My name is Lourdes Garcia. I am a Miami native and a lover of punk rock. Most importantly, I am the founder and owner of Good Luck Charms.


My friend and I have always been fans of the punk rock music scene. Our love for the genre didn't stop at mainstream artists, but also branched out to local artists.


As we continued to attend concerts and listen to their music we noticed that some of the local bands we supported started to gain more popularity. We jokingly considered ourselves their good luck charms.

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